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Regenerative double chamber lime shaft kiln


Regenerative double chamber lime shaft kiln

product description

The heat consumption of calcining unit lime in the regenerative double chamber lime shaft kiln is low, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. Because the kiln adopts the heat storage and heat transfer technology and the heat energy is fully utilized, the heat consumption of the unit lime is 3560 ~ 3762kj/kg lime (850 to 900kcal/kg lime).


When limestone and fuel meet the production requirements, the calcined lime has a high activity, the activity of lime can reach 300 ~ 400ml (using 4N HCL, titrating 5min), the remaining CO2 is generally not more than 2%, and the S content in the product is low.


The exhaust gas temperature and dust content from the kiln are low. The dust concentration in the exhaust gas is generally 5 ~ 10g/m3. Under normal production, the exhaust gas temperature is 70~130 degrees C, which reduces the pollution to the environment and is easy to purify the waste gas.


Working principle and production process characteristics of double flow shaft kiln with double chamber and regenerative heat


The double chamber shaft kiln with parallel flow and regenerative heat is composed of two kiln tubes, which are connected to the lower kiln body of the firing zone and form an interconnected channel. The calcined lime is discharged from the eccentric discharging tray at the lower part of the kiln body. The discharge plate is driven by hydraulic pressure.


In the regenerative double chamber lime shaft kiln, the combustion of the fuel begins at the beginning of the calcined belt, and the limestone needs to absorb a large amount of heat when the limestone is decomposed, so there is no burning phenomenon; the last stage of calcining is completed by the gradually reduced temperature of the flue gas, and the burning phenomenon will not come out, so the calcined calcined and calcined. The lime process is ideal, and the lime activity is high.


The shaft kiln of the parallel flow regenerative shaft kiln is equipped with a complete reversing device to rotate the 2~3 kiln bodies, and the commutation interval is about 12. In production, the kiln body is alternately loaded into limestone, and the weighing of lime adopts an electronic scale with load sensors.


Calcined small limestone can be calcined by parallel flow regenerative dual chamber lime shaft kiln.

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