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Limestone gypsum wet desulphurization


Limestone gypsum wet desulphurization

product description

  Characteristics of limestone gypsum wet desulphurization:

  1、The absorption tower is designed with the combination of theory and practice, and the structure of the absorber is optimized to ensure that the best process parameters can be used to make the FGD device meet the required desulfurization efficiency.

  2、A wide range of raw materials, cheap and easy to get.

  3、The flue gas treatment capacity is the largest and the capacity of the single tower desulfurization unit is the highest 1000MW.

  4、The adaptability of coal is good, and it can adapt to flue gas desulphurization with different sulfur content.

  5、The technology is mature, the application scope is wide, the desulphurization efficiency is high (up to 95%).

  6、Desulphurization by-products are convenient for comprehensive utilization.

  Limestone gypsum wet desulfurization is a limestone slurry that is ejected from a spray absorption tower, absorbs the secondary sulphur oxide (SOx) and other acidic substances, and the sulfur oxide (SOx) in the liquid phase is reacted with calcium carbonate to form calcium sulphate and calcium sulfite. In the slurry pool at the bottom of the absorption tower, the forced oxidizing air is filled and the calcium sulfite in the slurry is almost completely oxidized to calcium sulphate by the air filled at the bottom of the slurry pool. The main desulphurization product is gypsum.

  Major chemical reactions in the process of desulphurization







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