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Magnesium Oxide desulphurization


Magnesium Oxide desulphurization

product description

  Characteristics of Magnesium Oxide desulfurization technology

  Technology maturity

  Magnesium Oxide wet desulphurization technology is a kind of high maturity desulfurization technology. This technology has successful application in all parts of the world. In Japan, more than 100 projects have been applied, and 95% of Taiwan's power stations are used by Magnesium Oxide method, and in the United States, Germany and other places. At present, MICROTEK is mainly used in small and medium thermal power plants and industrial boilers, and is being tested on the 300MW unit and will soon be applied to the desulphurization project of large units.

  Sufficient desulphurizer sources

  Magnesium Oxide's proven storage capacity in China is about 160 billion tons, accounting for about 80% of the world's total.

  High desulfurization efficiency

  In terms of chemical reaction activity, Magnesium Oxide is much larger than calcium based desulphurizer. The desulfurization efficiency of Magnesium Oxide is over 98%.

  Low cost of investment and low operating cost

  Because of the unique superiority of the Magnesium Oxide wet desulphurization technology, the structure design of the absorber, the size of the circulating slurry, the overall scale of the system and the power of the equipment can be correspondingly smaller, so that the investment cost of the whole desulfurization system can be reduced by more than 20% and the operating cost can be reduced by more than 15%.

  Byproducts are of high economic value and wide application prospects

  Seven water Magnesium Sulfate has a wide application in food, chemical, medicine, agriculture and other aspects. The market demand is also large. The Magnesium Oxide wet desulfurization technology has fully utilized the existing resources and promoted the development of the circular economy.

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