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product description

Detailed description of the product:

  The grate is a slow moving grate, which is used to dry, preheat and oxidize the raw ball by the waste heat of the ring cooler and the heat flow from the rotary kiln. Then it is directly sent into the rotary kiln for baking. The powder on the grate is collected by the ash bucket and used again. The grate is a kind of thermal equipment working at high temperature. The main parts are heat-resistant alloy steel, and the water cooling measures are adopted for the supporting roller shaft, the driving shaft and the shovel plate on the preheating section. The head unloading is made of a shovel device and a set of ash discharging measures.

  The heat utilization rate is greatly improved by the full closed structure, and the height and thickness detection device of the material layer is used, and the feeder is interlocked with the feeder, and the speed of the feeder is adjusted to the quantitative control. The machine consists of the frame structure, the shell part, the grate rotary part, the thickness detection device, the towing device, the transmission device, the smoke chamber and the anti deviation device. The clearance of the grate plate and the towing plate can be automatically controlled, and the wear is reduced to the lowest value.

Main technical parameters

Specifications B2.4×24M B2.8×36M
effective area(metre2) 57 108.8
Edge height(mm) 170 170
running speed(m/min) 0.571~2.919 0.571~2.919
Motor(×2) YJTG160L-6(11kw) Y200L1-6(18.5kw)
Reducer(×2) NGW113-6(i=315) NGW123-6(i=315)
weight(t) 340 460


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