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Plate feeder


Plate feeder

product description

Detailed description of the product:

major function

  The plate feeder made by our company is divided into three types: light, medium and heavy. It is widely used in mines, cement, building materials and other industries.

  BQ light plate feeder is used to transport bulk materials with grain size below 160mm for short distance transportation; HB medium plate feeder is used for short distance transportation and bulk material with grain size below 400mm; BZ heavy plate feeder is used for short distance transportation, material granularity and heavy material.

  The plate feeder is divided into two forms according to the position of the driving device, which is available for users to choose.

Technical performance parameters

   Model Groove width mm Throughput t/h running speed m/s Maximum inclination angle Feed grain size mm
light BQ500 500 41 0.16 25 ≤160
BQ650 650 68
BQ800 800 107
Medium-sized HB800 800 24-290 0.02-0.24 25 ≤400
HB1000 1000
HB1250 1250
Heavy BZ1200 1200 60-120 0.03-0.06 20 ≤500
BZ1500 1500 90-180 ≤600
BZ1800 1800 14-280 ≤800
BZ2000 2000 170-340 ≤900
BZ 2400 240-480 ≤1000

  The company operates plate feeder, quality assurance, welcome to consult and discuss.

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