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Bag type dust collector


Bag type dust collector

product description

  1. Through continuous improvement, development, development and introduction for many years, our company has complete variety and specification, which can meet the needs of domestic and foreign cement, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, mine, light industry and machinery and other industries.

  2. The varieties mainly have flattening flat bag dust catcher, and more than 140 varieties of large bag duster introduced from the American fuller company, which are well received by the customers.

  1. The imported PPC S/A gas box pulse bag filter can adapt to the high concentration (up to 1000g/Nm3) dust removal. It has good effect and wide application with high pressure and large flow pulse. It can be used as an environmental protection equipment, and can be used as a process equipment. It is an efficient type of dust collector. It is used in the dust removal of pulverized coal. It has a high negative pressure type in the blast furnace of the blast furnace of metallurgical industry. It can meet the requirements of the user.

  2, UF STD/ (FM) /FB single bag filter, combined filter bag, equipped with fan, can be used for dust removal at crushing, conveying, grinding and other dust collection points.

  3, PBH S/P high temperature glass fiber bag dust collector, treatment air volume up to 800 thousand m3/h, can be treated with furnace and kiln high temperature flue gas, which is more stable than electrostatic precipitator and high dust removal efficiency. Long term and efficient operation, it can repair without stopping the whole plant without affecting production. It is an ideal dust removal equipment for high temperature flue gas.

  4. DC cyclone has various specifications such as single cylinder, double barrel and four cylinder, which can meet the needs of selection.

  5. NR cast iron multi tube cyclone dust collector is a special dusting equipment for grate cooler, and the efficiency of dust removal is as high as 95%. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, small volume and so on.

  6. LDM type pulse bag filter can be used for dust removal of conveying and lifting equipment.

  7. CSJ and CTL series desulphurizing dust remover, suitable for smoke removal and desulphurization and dust removal of layer burning coal-fired boiler.

  8. Electrostatic precipitator is suitable for flue gas dedusting in industrial kiln such as cement industry, power plant and metallurgical industry.

Product name Model specification Product name Model specification
Desulphurizing deduster CSJ-4CSJ-6CSJ-10      
High efficiency desulphurizing dust collector CTL-4  CTL-6   CTL-10
CTL-15 CTL-20
LDM bag filter LDM54-33
RBH type glass fiber bag dust collector RBHS/P 700-2X5
RBHS/P 579-5
RBHS/P 1000-2X9
RBHP 700-2X3
RBHS 700-2X4
Multi tube dust remover NR9X6
Electrostatic precipitator CDW40㎡
High temperature bag type dust collector CDF 7X358
DC cyclone dust collector 1DC26(660) 1DC34(865)
1DC42(1065) 1DC48(1220)
1DC60(1525) 1DC74(1880)
1DC82(2080) 2DC54(1370)
2DC60(1525) 2DC14(1880)
Sleeve bag filter ZX100-56ZX125-70 ZX150-84ZX175-98 ZX200-112
Flat bag dust collector CXBC 41/27  CXBC60/27
CXBC 90/78  CXBC 120/78
CXBC 150/78  CXBC180/78
CXBC 240/78  CXBC 225/148
CXBC 340/148 CXBC 510/148
Humidifier Ф3.85X26m
CZS6(Ф6X26 m)
Gas box pulse bag dust PPCS32-3(M)
PPCS32-5    PPCS36-6(M)
PPCS64-4    PPCS64-5
PPCS64-6    PPCS96-4
PPCS96-5    PPCA96-6
PPCS96-6(M)   PPC 96-6
PPCS96-8    PPCS96-9
PPCS96-2X5   PPCS96-2X6(M)
PPCS96-2X9(M) PPCS128-6
PPCA128-9   PPCA 128-10
PPCA128-2X6  PPCA 128-2X9
PPCS64-8    PPCA 128-2X7
Single rocking bag filter UF(STD/FM)-2

  Our company operates dust remover and quality guarantee. Welcome to consult and discuss.

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