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Single toothed roller crusher


Single toothed roller crusher

product description

Detailed description of the product:

  Single toothed roll crusher is one of the main equipment of sintering system in steel plant. Used with the sintering machine, it is installed in the tail of the sintering machine and is used to break the heat sinter from the trolley after sintering and break it into the granularity that meets the requirements of the process. It is widely used in metallurgy and iron and steel industry, and is also used to break materials from soft to medium hard in coal, power plant, chemical industry and quarry industry.

  The single toothed roller crusher adopts the inner channel water cooling system, all closed rolling bearing, gear roller arranged in spiral shape, reducing energy consumption, convenient maintenance, long life and so on.

Technical performance parameters

Model specification Company PGC1125 PGC1525 PGC1832 PGC1725 PGC2340
Roller diameter mm 1100 1500 1800 1700 2300
Roller width mm 2550 2520 3230 2520 4000
yield t/h 200 245 450 350 770
Grain size mm <150 <150 <150 <150 <150
Number of tooth roll Row 9 9 9 9 15
Motor model    Y315S-8 Y315M1-8 Y315M2-8 Y315M2-8 Y355M3-8
Motor power KW 55 75 90 90 140
Reducer model    ZSY500-90 ZSY560-90 ZL115-15 ZSY630-90 ZSY710-90
Machine weight t 28 50 108 58 150
Matching sintering machine    24、52m2 75m2 180 m2 90m2 300m2


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