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Toothed roller unloader


Toothed roller unloader

product description

Detailed description of the product:

  1. The equipment use toothed roller unloader is used in metallurgical iron making industry. It is one of the core parts of the pelletizing equipment. The three functions of the support column, the broken block and the discharge and discharge are the main functions of the gear roller discharging machine after the burning process of the shaft furnace.

  2. The equipment is composed of six parts: the hydraulic transmission system, the pull rod, the sealing device, the toothed roll device, the base, the ratchet device and so on.

  3. In the cooling process of the pellet of the pellet, the lower part of the shaft is separated by the tooth roll of the swinging toothed roller unloader, the tooth roll supports the whole column, and it breaks the large blocks that may be bonded in the burning belt, so that the material column is kept loose, so that the cooling wind is cooled in the vertical furnace at the height of the tooth roll.

  4. Technical performance and parameters

Number of toothed rolls Unloading capacity(ton) Shape size(M) weight(ton)
Seven roll 70—100 9×5.3×1.8 57.5
Eight roll 80—110 7.6×5.3×1.8 46.5


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