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Li keqiang puts forward six advices for the domestic

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Vice Premier Li keqiang puts forward six advices for the china’s mining industry development cooperates with the world mining on November 16 in 2010 China mining. Vice Premier Li keqiang expressed that the problem that must be faced is that enhance energy resources safeguard, we must accelerate the sustainable development, strengthen environmental protection and resource conservation, and make better use of both domestic and foreign resources. Li keqiang puts forward three views for the domestic market development. First: give high priority to conservation; break the bottleneck restriction of energy resources. Li keqiang, said that only protect the environment can the economic development be maintained, China is accelerating to change herself to the economic development mode. Second: continue to occupy the domestic and so as to enhance guarantee degree of the domestic resources. China is a developing country, must maximize mining domestic resources. Li keqiang said that resource exploration degree is relatively low and we have strong potentials for finding the mines at present, as well as we will continue to improve the mechanism of system, and to improve the utilization of resources, and strengthen the protection of domestic resources foundation. Third: expand the outside world opening; China's opening-up is unswerving state policy. Li keqiang said that mineral resources is one of the China's earliest areas for market development, we continue to encourage foreign investment for exploration and exploitation of China’s mineral resources, and introducing advanced technology and management experience. Meanwhile, encourage domestic competitive enterprises conduct mining cooperation abroad to help local economic development, and improve the livelihood of the people. Li keqiang also puts three views for the cooperation of China and international mining. First: deepen pragmatic cooperation. Li keqiang said that mineral resources are distributed in the global unevenly; the countries should adopt a pragmatic attitude communication openly. Second: implement joint liability. Li keqiang, said that mining is the supporting of economic development, mining development is the safeguard of economic prosperity. The current international commodity prices monopoly trends are strengthened and some minerals prices are increased dramatically, which hinders the world economic recovery and development. Li keqiang think that we should use rational perspective, to maintain development; both sides should take care of each other price’s stability. Third: promote the sustainable development and protect the ecological environment.

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