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Ningxia Dadi Active Lime Production Line Reconstruction Contract Project

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Recently, our company has good news, Ningxia Dadi chemo-industrial CO., LTD. had signed a reconstruction contract project with our company for one 1400 TPD and one 350 TPD calcium carbide active lime rotary kiln production line.
It is reported that Ningxia Dadi chemo-industrial CO., LTD. is an important development enterprise in Ningxia Hui nationality municipality and acts as the main manufacture of domestic calcium carbide products,at present, the calcium carbide production capacity has reached to 850000 tons per year.
The reconstruction project covers reconstruction design, equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning, personnel training. The whole project is two rotary kiln production line turnkey projects. This reconstruction project is not only to improve the equipment production capacity but also to make model for the calcium carbide industry in lime environmental production.
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