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Xinjiang Yihua daily output of 600 tons rotary kiln device run smoothly once and for all.

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  At 17:33 on September 5, 2015, the 600 ton / day rotary kiln device in Xinjiang was successfully driven in one time. The qualified lime was produced. The whole device was run smoothly and all the indexes were good.

  The project is the first rotary kiln installation completed and commissioned by Yihua group, which can greatly improve the quality and activity of lime, thereby improving the quality of calcium carbide. The successful commissioning of the rotary kiln will be a new growth point for Xinjiang Yihua chemical industry. It marks a new step in the production of calcium carbide in Xinjiang.

  There is no end in the front, and the struggle never stops. Xinjiang Yihua will continue to keep pace with the group, bear in mind the chairman's strategic plan, unite and fight hard, and strive to achieve the goal of achieving the goal of the rotary kiln at an early date. Return the chairman with the greatest economic returns, repay all the people who are friendly!

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