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High quality active lime - market new pet

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Chaoyang heavy machine metallurgical industry Co., LTD is the manufacturing specialist of the active lime production line design and, we analyzed the market situations of active lime for you, lime acts as our country's important industrial base materials. Judging from the current market, the supply of low quality lime production is serious excess the purchasing, but high quality active lime production is not enough, with the development of market economy, the demand of high quality active lime will grow steadily. Chemical industry, building, metallurgy, food and other industries’ pursuit of the high active has become the lime industry trends. The lime industry of China is great but not strong. Product ranked first in the world, but has a long way to go when comparing the overall technical equipment with the international advanced countries. Many problems were existed such as insufficient investment in fixed assets, low techniques, low price and good quality lime supply is more than purchase, but expensive quality active lime market is shortage, according to relevant data analysis that the active lime has 600 to 800 tons per year. The steelmaking with lime 616.5 tons in1991, more than 300 activity degrees amounts for 167 million tons, accounting for 27.1% of the consumption, and steelmaking with lime amounts for 848.7 tons in 2000, which includes more than 300 active degrees amounts for 250 million tons, accounting for consumption 29.5% of the consumption, and the increasing number is only 83 million tons. These facts showed that steel output growing fast, but the quality of steelmaking lime still didn't get the basic improving. Active lime rotary kiln has not been widely used; active lime still has a broad market space. Steel with active lime is lacking of about 600 tons, market‘s lacking is about 15 tons. The limestone resources of Jingle county territory are very rich, total reserves reached to 13 million tons, which ranked the second place in province. Limestone mining cost is about 7 Yuan; outsourcing factory tax is 11.70 Yuan/ton. The county has the characteristics of rich coal power and rich resources, favorable production and construction conditions.

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