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About us

Company culture

  Take the guest as the respect, the quality is the base!

  Enterprise spirit:Take the road of high efficiency enterprise and strive to be strong。

  Cultural view:people oriented:Let every employee's life value and happy life reflect here.

       Treat guests with sincerity:Mutual benefit and win-win with customers or partners.

       Continuous innovation:Develop with innovation and make enterprises full of vigor and vitality.

       Pursuit of excellence:There is no best, only better.

  Talent view:Understanding people, respecting people, caring for people, developing people, people do their best and people do their best.

  Strategic view:Aim at the market, expand the market and guide the market.

  Service view:The service is synchronized with the sales work, choosing the best design for the customers, choosing the most suitable mechanical products for the customers and providing quick and convenient service for the customers.

  management model:People + system + Innovation ---- people are the core. The system is the guarantee for the safe and orderly operation of enterprises. Innovation is the source of power for the healthy development of enterprises and continuous progress. Man is the foundation of management, system is the law of management, and innovation is the implementation of management.

  Sales strategy:Based on the domestic market, the international market is opened up.

  Marketing means:Network marketing, salesman marketing.

  Marketing concept:Mutual benefit and win-win with customers.

  The way of management:By virtue of the rule of justice, justice, and feeling.