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About us

About Us

Chaoyang Heavy Machine Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating product development and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning and technical services. In reliance with our group company's strong research and technology and powerful device processing capacity, it is specialized in the general contractor of rotary kiln active lime production line, automated mechanical shaft kiln production line, twin chamber kiln active lime production line, Metal magnesium calcined MgOCaO production line and various kinds of cement production lines, and provides large-scale equipment for the mining, metallurgy, building materials, environmental protection, chemicals, electric power and other industries.
Our company is the member company of China Lime Association, member company of the China Carbide Industry Association,and the project contractor cooperation company of ACRE Coking And Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation,MCC,(Anshan Coking And Refractory design institute). It is also among the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certified companies, enjoying self-managed import and export rights. In recent years, the company is constantly increasing fixed assets investment, develops new products, new technologies and enhances their market competitiveness and resilience. As a result, it has achieved leapfrog development and is transforming from equipment manufacturer to project general contractor in business strategy.