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Chaoyang Heavy Machine Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd.

Chaoyang Heavy Machine Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating product development and design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning and technical services. In reliance with our group company's strong research and technology and powerful device processing capacity, it is specialized in the general contractor of rotary kiln active lime production line, automated mechanical shaft kiln production line, twin chamber kiln active lime production line, Metal magnesium calcined MgOCaO production line and various kinds of cement production lines...[Read more]

Production line of active lime rotary kiln

Regenerative double chamber lime shaft kiln

Transformation of lime kiln

Production line of mechanical shaft kiln

Metal magnesium calcined white production line

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Limestone gypsum wet desulphurization

Magnesium Oxide desulphurization

Activated carbon desulphurization and denitrification

SNCR denitrification

High quality active lime - market new pet
The production and application of active lime in steelmaking
Machinery industry China factors’ strongest surmounting is not so far